How to work with multiple deliveries in a single Order

Hi everyone, I have a situation here that I need some help.
I have different SLAs for several itens ( cross docking ). Ex:
1 - Product 1 - 35 days
2 - Product 2 - 10 days
3 - Product 3 - 1 day

I would like to explain these different SLAs to customer at Checkout, and also integrate with my ERP 3 different deliveries, so the customer will receive 3 packages in 3 different days. A extra issue is that I have to notify Vtex 3 different invoices and tracking.

Think that I have to notify vtex also that some part of the order was delivered, but not all Order. This situation appears to be normal when your are selling a marktplace item, that I supose that the order will receive a sequential number orderid-01 orderid-02 or something like this. If there is a option considering this would be also nice.

I’ve spend several hours checking the API, OMS, checkout , etc and There is no clear documentation about this. Can anyone give me any tip how do achieve this setup? Even with a lot of customization :wink:

Just to help others. The answer is: YEs!

At /api/checkout/pvt/configuration/orderForm api. you can change the flag " allowMultipleDeliveries : true "

This will make the magic somehow.

And about invoices, just send with itens detailed through the invoice api and will work also!