Implement filters into the landing page

Hi everyone,

I'm doing landing pages for vtex (just templates with vtex:contentPlaceHolder), I do one with 3 elements. At the top I add a banner image, the second is a cluster (coleçao) and the 3rd a HTML element. Nothing hard.

The problem is that I want to display the filters of the products of the cluster (coleçao), as we do in every Category page ( as this But I can't find the controller to do this, there is a way to add those filters depending of the kind of products that I add into the cluster?

I appreciate the help, I can read portuguese don't hesitate on translate

Thanks everybody

@I. Villalpando (Alberto)​ Hi Alberto, I understand your issue! I believe that the best you'll be able to achieve is to display a category filter like that the problem with clusters is that the Facets API depend on a department, which we don't have for a cluster. Unfortunatelly this is a limitation. There might be a solution, but we haven't found it yet as well.