Importing historical and in-flight orders when migrating to VTEX

If a client is migrating to VTEX from another platform, can we import the historical (completely shipped and payment captured) and in-flight (not fully shipped and not fully payment captured) orders into VTEX for the cutover? Can VTEX then be used to complete the in-flight orders? What’s the best practice around these type of orders when migrating to VTEX?

As far as I’m aware, there is no way to import historical or in-flight orders.

Best practice is for long-term records of orders to be kept within your ERP and for systems you’re migrating off from to be used to complete the fulfillment of orders placed outside VTEX during the transition period.

Curious to see if there are other approaches from the community, but it seems to me like the issues that would come from attempting to do that outweigh the benefits.

@james.fong good question. I agree with @georgebrindeiro, in fact it’s not possible to migrate orders. One possibility if it’s a must need: if you have the data available and can use an API to fetch this information, it’s possible to build a service using IO Services and bring this information somewhere in the frontend. Let’s say you add a section under My Account. It wouldn’t be easy, but could work.

Thanks Eduardo and George. We’ll encourage clients to provide APIs that can be called from My Account to get a list of historical orders and order details. And if the previous Ecommerce system should be used to close out the in-flight orders that means that the previous system cannot be immediately shut-off – that there needs to be some overlap when the previous system is closing out orders and the new VTEX-based customer experience is gathering new ones.


We at pragiti imported historical order data, user and addresses only for information purposes. The orders are available in the MyAccount section of the logged-in user.

Happy to help:)