Install private Package (Azure) inside react project

My Design System project is inside the azure packages and i want to put into my react project, but when i try to do that in project i get a 403 forbidden message.

Has some method that i can install a external private package into React project?

I has a .npmrc file to configure some keys to access this package. I tested in a common react project and worked fine.

Thx :slight_smile:

Hey @guimurgel, welcome to VTEX Community!

I’ve searched for internal references and took a look at the code, and it seems like it is not possible to use a private registry, at least as the main registry.

One possible attempt, that I’m not very confident that will work, is to create a .yarnrc.yml file at the root of react folder, and add a npm scope for your public registry.

Could you try doing that and let us know the results?

Hi man :slight_smile:
I`ll try that, and share the result.

Thx for the help!