Integrate with VTEX

Does anyone have suggestions for integrating VTEX with I have already tried implementing with Cloudflare but VTEX support has told me this is not possible because we can’t use Cloudflare as a reverse proxy.

This is’s documentation for integrations, but I am not sure what is possible with VTEX - Available integrations - Integrations. Any insight on how we might accomplish setting up this integration is appreciated!

Hello Gabriel,

I do not have a lot of context for how Prerender works, but just wanted to share that it is possible to use a reverse proxy with VTEX. We do not recommend it, but it can be done and some customers do have that set up. We have the following tutorial about this:

Beyond the use of a reverse proxy, as I said, I do not have specific knowledge of Prerender, but it could be worth looking into the middleware options they share in their documentation or, if they need to be set up on the front end, it could work via a custom pixel app.

Eduardo Luciano
Field Software Engineer | VTEX