Integration with new VTEX API v2.0 - SafetyPay

Hi all

This is Daniel Llanos from SafetyPay, currently we are already integrated with VTEX, but due to some requirements from our common Merchants we need to start the integration with the new API provided by VTEX, I reviewed your documentation, but I have several questions regarding on how it will impact our current integration:

1. On [paymentProviderHost]/payment-methods endpoint the list of methods will depend on the PAyment Provider, right? in this case SafetyPay will only return "safetyPay" as a single Payment Method result item, please confirm if my assumption is correct.

2. How can I generate the VTEX-APIKey and VTEX-AppToken for SafetyPay Payment Provider?

3. Currently VTEX is integrated with SafetyPay calling our Web Services in order to generate a transaction, we return a link where the shopper is redirected to a site from SafetyPay, then the shopper can process the payment with the instructions provided on that site. With this new Platform for VTEX, the integration components will be as the image attached on this message, please confirm if is it correct.

VTEX Integration

4. With the new VTEX platform we always return "undefined" value for /payments endpoint because the payment flow will be processed asynchronously.

Thanks for your support.

Daniel Llanos

Hello, Daniel! How are you? I know this post has been up for a while, but below are the replies for your questions:

1- Your assumption is correct! You need to return SafetyPay as a single payment method.

2- You can read more about how to create appKeys and appTokens here:

3 - Yes, that workflow is correct.

4 - Yes, no problem with that.

Let me know if you have any other questions, please.