Is it possible to update/delete the Category ID from Catalog

Hello Community,

Wanted to check Is it possible to update the Category IDs from the Catalog , because by mistake we have created some wrong categories with there ID. So now there are bulk categories which I wanted to update. So is there any wayout ?

I agree, the first wayout is two make it as inactive. but that will also show in catalog and that I don`t wanted to have.

So is there any wayout by which we can delete the complete categories from department level or update the Categories IDs ?

Thanks in advance

@tyler @georgebrindeiro

Hi @mohitkumar, the way to do this is to access the full cleanup page in the Admin.

Quoting the docs:

  1. Delete Categories, Brands, Fields, and related items: By deleting Categories, Brands, Fields, and related items, they will be permanently removed from your store. Before performing this operation you must delete your Products and SKUs.

Hey @georgebrindeiro , that I have checked before , already aware about this step - FullCleanup - but this will really hectic, because before deleting Categories we have to delete their products/SKUs .

I was just expecting if there`s any wayout by which we can avoid delete Products step before delete categories.

Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid this step currently.

Yeah @georgebrindeiro , that`s what i was looking for…~ Anyway thanks

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