Items not showing in Orders List endpoint

Hi @georgebrindeiro , @TanishqxSharma , I am trying to get order list with items details but items are not coming in order listing api

Could you share more information on how you are calling that API? Did you try doing it through Postman? Or something else?

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As you Can see I have call order list api

items fields is empty

But when i am calling order detail api items are coming in the response

How long has it been since the order was placed? Not sure, but it might be the case that items is empty because the order has not yet been indexed.

That is a requirement to search/filter orders in the orders listing. Not sure if it affects API results like that though, I would need to test.

I’m AFK right now, but if you can share the account and order ID, that would help me debug when I’m in front of a computer.

I want to filter orderlist for counting for a specific brand so for that I have call order list api but brand id is not present in response because items are not coming . so , Is there any other wat to count sold items of a specific brand id(Brand),

Sorry for that I can not share account