lastInteractionIn field in Customer Data (CL) entity in Master Data

What does the field lastInteractionIn mean, when fetching customer data from the CL data entity in Master Data API (api/dataentities/CL/scroll)? What kind of interaction does changes its value? Is it related to purchases, account management…?

  • lastInteractionIn: Date of last customer interaction on the website

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Hi! Actually this field is updated upon any changes on the given document, so it not only does represent the Date of last interaction on the website, but also any kind of change done on this document for the data entity CL.

This can include API updates, sheet imports, UI actions, etc…

If needed, you can check a timeline of all the changes on a given document using the versions API: Versions


Looks like we need to fix that answer :sweat_smile: Thanks for the additional context, @zerebelo!

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