Limits for apps creating customer clusters and managing promotions

Dear Community,

I’m currently supporting a partner which wishes to develop an app feature where they’d create coupons for promotions and send them through e-mail to a certain subset/list of customers chosen for each promotion.

Since we cannot input an emails list as a query parameter for the CL entity, we’d need to create a customer cluster. However, as the Profile System’s entities run in Master Data v1 we are not able to programmatically edit their fields, which would also mean there’s no way an app can create a cluster and therefore nor abstract a custom promotion config.
The only option I see is to each account manager that eventually downloaded the app create manually the necessary cluster for the app to perform its tasks, what goes against the whole plug-and-play stuff. Is this true, shall I give up on trying this?

If you could share any ideia that comes to your thoughts, it would be very helpful. Thanks in advance

@velosov one possibility would be to use the attribute ‘CustomerClass’, which is a native field. There’s some risk involved, indeed, as some stores may be already using it. Let’s say the user install the app and there’s a quick disclaimer informing that this specific field will be used. If for some reason the store operator wants a different one, then it could be informed the name of the alternative field in a configurable form (see the GTM app, for instance).

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