Linking admin App into "Shipping" Menu

We are trying to link an app to the “Shipping” menu. However, we fail to make the menu entry pop up. The link itself exists, but is “empty”. The labels exist in both the context.json and en.json

How can we properly link the menu entry so it shows as intended? Do you maybe have a code example?
Also, is there a way to influence the “weight” of the menu item in it’s group? Like moving it to a particular position, like the first?

We found the mistake. It was NOT about the navigation structure, but the manifest was missing the “messages” builder to make the translation pop in the menu.

For the completeness, here’s the code that now correctly hooks the menu entry like so:

On the manifest, make sure to include the “messages” Builder:

 "builders": {
    "node": "6.x",
    "docs": "0.x",
    "react": "3.x",
    "messages": "1.x", <<<<< this bad boy
    "admin": "0.x",
    "styles": "2.x"

And finally, a very flat and simple structure for the entry was needed.

  "id": "quickShippingSetup",
  "section": "shipping",
  "titleId": "shipping-module.navigation.label",
  "path": "/admin/shipping-setup/quick-shipping",
  "adminVersion": 4,
  "LMProductId": "9",
  "position": {
    "index": 0,
    "operation": "add"

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