Master Data V2 - Search Nested Object

Hello! Love that VTEX ramped up this platform for the community! Kudos!!!
I created a JSON Schema in a MD V2 entity that has a nested fields (i.e.,, profile.document) similar to the way a GET order brings info.
Now I can’t seem to find a way to search within the nested data. Example searching by document which is within the profile data object.

Any MD V2 experts here? Help is much appreciated.

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Hey @pradilla, could you share your schema definition so we can try to replicate?

Thanks for your reply, had abandoned this community for a while because In didn’t see much movement on the first days. But absolutely love the platform it is hosted on and think if is gets traction it would be great! Will DM you the entity schemas. (@georgebrindeiro Let me know if this is possible, or DM me and I will send back). Thaks!

@pradilla Did you create the indices?
You need to create indexes to be able to search using your fields.