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Hello folks, I am getting error while fecthing the data from master data v2 this is a error

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Hi @Divyansh.Bajpai, what is the GraphQL API you are testing there? How did you get to that page? What we usually call Master Data V2 is a REST API.

Using Graphql i want to get data from Master data v2. I’ve made schema and post values in the document api through postman but now i want to get that data through client. In code I’ve made schema and also made resolvers for it and in graphiql i hit this but not getting data but the schema is reflecting in graphiql (i’ve used “masterdata.scrolldocument” method).

Hi @Divyansh.Bajpai

It seems that you’re facing an issue with your GraphQL setup for Master Data V2, specifically when trying to use the “masterdata.scrolldocument” method.

First, let’s check a few things:

Schema Field Check: Can you confirm if the “fieldName” you are trying to query exists in your GraphQL schema? It’s important to make sure that the field name you’re querying matches exactly with what’s defined in your schema.

Resolver Check: Are you receiving any data in your resolver for this specific query? You might want to check if the resolver associated with “masterdata.scrolldocument” is correctly implemented and if it’s making a successful call to the Master Data V2 API.

Now, regarding the “masterdata.scrolldocument” method, it appears that it might not exist in Master Data V2. This could explain why you’re not getting any data from it.

To retrieve records, you should consider using the Master Data V2 API’s search endpoint. You can find more information on how to use it in the official documentation at the following URL: Master Data V2 API Search Documentation.

In summary, it’s possible that your GraphQL resolver is correctly set up, but the “masterdata.scrolldocument” method might not be available in Master Data V2. Therefore, you should switch to using the search endpoint of the API to retrieve records.


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