Missing documentation for Subscription V3

Hi, I was seeing that in developer docs of REST API, were missing docs and forget SKUs associated with some plan made in admin.

We have in graphql an implementation in VTEX.my-subscriptions app, but would be useful the rest API to get skus associates in a plan.

Hi @LucasFr! You can get a list of SKUs associated with a subscription by making a Get subscription details request.

Among other information, the response object includes an array of items which contains all the SKUs associated with a subscription:

Hi @juliarabello, how are you?

Oh cool, but I was seeing, that this API is not from Plans, but subscriptions made by users in the shop.

I need to list SKU`s associate to a Plan made in Admin, like this:

I was successful by using API GraphQL, because I noticed that it is not documented the REST API for that.