Missing orders when calling the v3 Feeds endpoint, but receiving them within orders list endpoint

I am noticing an occasional discrepancy when pulling orders from calling the v3 feeds endpoint, versus calling the orders list endpoint (/api/oms/pvt/orders?f_creationDate=...).
There are times where not all the orders are returned from the feeds endpoint, however they are getting returned from the orders list.

the POST orders/feed/config i am calling before the feeds endpoint also should not affect the return, as this is the payload:

  "filter": {
    "type": "FromOrders",
    "expression": "value > 100",
    "disableSingleFire": false,
    "status": ["ready-for-handling"]
  "queue": {
    "visibilityTimeoutInSeconds": 3600,
    "MessageRetentionPeriodInSeconds": 1814400

Let me know if this is a known issue, or if there’s anything i can do to ensure that all orders are returned from the feeds endpoint.

Hello team, typically these errors occur due to settings in the visibilityTimeoutInSeconds or MessageRetentionPeriodInSeconds fields, or when the store is not committing as it should.

Therefore, I recommend that you review these fields and check our documentation:

Karina Mota
Field Software Engineer | VTEX