Need details on Specifications APIs(Specification vs Specification Field) (Specification Value vs Specification Field Value)

Hi , There are two API’s for specifications . What is difference b/w Specification and Specification Field API’s ?
and also
There are two API’s for specification Value . What is difference b/w Specification Value and Specification Field Value API’s?
Please provide us some examples.Thanks in advance.

Hi @ramanjim, welcome to VTEX Community.

Specifications on VTEX are useful to create a product filter on the search page or to show additional content on product page.

But, there are more parts than Specification Value and Specification Field Value to setup this feature.

Create a Specification is always needed when you need to Create a New Field to register a product or to differentiate the SKUs.

All specification should have a group specification.

All group specification has Fields.

And all Fields has FieldValues.


Field Group: Features
Fields: Colors, Sizes
FieldValues: Yellow, Small, Blue

Maybe can help you starts here and read all links inside related pages:

What to do before setting up product specifications

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I’m working directly from the API REST and I understand the given flow to create specifications:

  • Create a specification group to a category
  • Create a specification field and associate it with the specification group
  • Create a specification field value and associate it with the specification field

The problem is that in the API documentation exists two other resources, specification and specification value. It appears that these resources aren’t needed for creating the specifications in the previous flow.

Therefore, I have the same question raised at the beginning of the post. ¿What’s the difference between the pair specification/specification field and the pair specification value/specification field value?

Emphasize that we are only working via API (not using the admin page), so it’s important to know the differences between the resources to make the best use of Vtex specifications.

Thanks in advance!

If someone is looking for an answer, after doing tests and trying to understand the differences of the specifications resources I came to the next conclusions:

  • The specification/specification field resources are the same. But the specification field resource to create a new specification does not work.
  • The specification value/specification field value resources are the same.

My suggestion is to ignore the specification field and specification field value resources and just use the specification and specification value to manipulate the specifications.

Note: Don’t totally ignore the specification field value resources because it has an endpoint to list the possible values of a combo/radio specification. This endpoint does not exist in the specification value resource.