Not able to customise app


We have a third party search integrated in to our store. For this we have customised app. There is a requirement to pass an additional parameter to the third party search API. For this we want to customise & apps as well to pass the attribute in the Facet query.

We made the respective changes in {accountName}.search-graphql & {accountName}.search-result apps. But when we use the {accountName}.search-graphql app reference in the custom search resolver, we are getting below typescript error.

This error is in node/index.ts file in custom search resolver app.

We have added “”: “0.x” app as a dependency in manifest.json file. Also updated the package.json dependencies. Not sure why this error is thrown while linking the app.

Has anyone faced a similar issue? Pls suggest a solution here.

hi @Bhuvana, how are you? It looks like a typing error to me. Have you tried declaring your application types in this application?

sample declare module ''

Hi @carlosviniciusanania , I am good. :slight_smile:

How are you? Thanks for your reply.
After declaring it as module, that error was fixed. But now am getting a lot of other typescript errors. When I google, it suggests to upgrade my typescript version to 4.1.0 & above. But vtex hub builder defaults my version to ‘3.9.7’ while doing vtex link. So not able to fix these errors. Any idea on this?