O produto criado no espaço de trabalho de desenvolvimento por algum motivo aparece no espaço de trabalho mestre


Eu tenho uma pergunta. Quando crio um produto em meu espaço de trabalho de desenvolvimento no painel de administração, esse produto, por algum motivo, também é criado em meu espaço de trabalho principal. Como consertar isto?
Agradecemos antecipadamente por qualquer ajuda.


O espaço de trabalho de desenvolvimento seria um workspace?
workspace-conta.myvtex.com ?
conta.myvtex.com ?

Se sim, todos os workspaces dentro da mesma conta compartilham o mesmo catálogo de produtos, logística e promoções.

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Acabei de criar um novo ambiente usando o comando vtex workspace use mydevworkspace console. Você pode me dizer se existe uma maneira de criar um espaço de trabalho para teste onde eu possa criar produtos para teste? Obrigado por qualquer ajuda)

Me desculpe se houver algum erro no texto, eu uso um tradutor de inglês porque não falo português))


One solution is to have another account, but you´ll have to pay for it.

Or try to create a product and disable the flag “Exibir no site” so you will access it only with the product url or hide it in the search (if you´re using the VTEX search).

Or create a trade policy, but you will have to pay for it and it brings some complexity for the account.

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Well, I have the task to create a custom product import, and it will require creating a lot of test products, I’ve tried to delete my test products but the “Delete” button does not work, I have investigated and it seems like you can not delete products on VTEX.

So now I don’t even know what to do, because having a lot of test products in the catalog is not very good)) Maybe you know the way to delete products, maybe with a direct request to the database, is it possible?

Thank you very much for your help and time)


I am not sure if there´s a way to delete a product, only all the catalog.

People usually change the name to “.” or “test whatever” and group in a “test” category.

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Okay, I understood.
Thank you for your help)

One more simple question)

Will these products somehow influence performance? For example, we will have a store that will have more than 20k products. Will it be a problem on VTEX?


For VTEX no.

For the account users, maybe. For example, if they use an API to loop through all the products or export an spreadsheet, they will get a lot of useless data and spend more time.

Maybe you can ask if the company can create another account just for development purposes. If the company is developing custom apps or custom integrations will pay itself in the long run.

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Okay, thank’s for your help)

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