OMS001 error thrown when order status is changed to start-handling

I am getting this error when trying to change the order status to start handling from ready for handling. In the ready for handling, I was clearing the reserved quantity for that particular order and that was my main requirement. Is there any way to proceed to the start handling state with these changes?
“error”: {
“code”: “OMS001”,
“message”: “An error has occurred”,
“exception”: null

Hi @GowriLakshmiD, how is it going?

OMS001 is generally treated by VTEX as a type of internal server error.

Is the request return status code 403 or 500?

If it’s a 403 error, try generating a new App-Key / App-Token pair to perform a new test.

If it’s error 500, try checking the endpoint.

Thanks @andremiani, it is returning status code 500.

Hello @GowriLakshmiD, did you manage to fix the issue? Do you want to share the endpoint you are using?

Karina Mota
Field Software Engineer | VTEX

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I was not able to fix the issue. This is my endpoint:


Hi everyone! I don’t know if this helps, but in the documentation there is a callout that says:

Expect a status 204 response with no content in case of a successful request. The store must validate this response to retry the call if the response differs from the 204 code, making this flow the store’s responsibility. This endpoint can also respond with status 500.

Maybe it was due to timeout, but in a 500 error case, this flow should be the store’s responsibility. Does it make sense?