Order extraction


I’m trying to read an order but keep receveing this message as response: {“Message”:“An error has occurred.”}

this is my code

What coud be wrong with it?

can you try with willer-k.vtexcommercestable.com.br?


Much thanks for the answer, It already helped.

It did changed something, but now I got another error that I can’t find any information of:

This happens when I try with an order number:
{“error”:{“code”:“OMS007”,“message”:“Order Not Found”,“exception”:null}}

This happens when I try it with no order number
{“error”:{“code”:“1”,“message”:“Invalid f_creationDate”,“exception”:null}}

Do you know what does this erros means? I can’t find a description of them.

Much thanks Tanish

Edit: It’s solved I forgot to add /api/oms/pvt/orders?orderBy=creationDate,desc to the link

Happy To Help :slight_smile:

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