Order flow for For Order hook

I am working with orders hook, I created a hook, to which I pass an endpoint as indicated in the documentation, everything works perfectly. Now I would like to inform, for example, an external transporter when a product is ready to withdraw what would be the correct status to indicate this.
I think it could be invoiced or order-completed, ready-for-handling.

	"filter": {
		"type": "FromWorkflow",
		"status": [
	"hook": {
		"url": "https://someweb.com/vtex",
		"headers": {
			"Content-Type": "application/json",
			"traza": "swagger-traza",
			"aplicacionOrigen": "swagger"

@sejo I would say that ERP systems generally start fetching orders when it reaches the status ready for handling. That is when VTEX says 'hey, this order is paid and it’s time for you to start your shipping process. Hope it helps

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