Orders: Identifying warehouse from where its deducting stock

While looking at an order in a VTEX store, I’m having trouble to identify the warehouses where the sold items are taken from.

I’m calling the request:


And I can see that the warehouses are described under the field:

shippingData.logisticsInfo[ i ].deliveryIds[0].warehouseId

Being each i (element in logisticsInfo) an item (I think). But there’s no id or SKU that relates this objects to the objects that represents the sold items in the “items” field. How are they related then?

Is it by the index? meaning the fist element in items is the same in the logisticsInfo?

Thanks very much!

Hi, MartinOrtiz!

Your assumption is correct! Each item in shippingData.logisticsInfo has an itemIndex, which indicates the items’ position in the items array.


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