Page_title coming undefined in the PLP

How we can set the Page_Tab_title in the PLP/SLP page , as a default it is coming as undefined, as we do have the attribute Page_Tab_title at Product Level , that is for the PDP page only.

So is there any wayout/idea by which we can set the Page_Tab_title.

Screenshot attached for reference.

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I think that title is set in the Admin, under /admin/cms/store. It looks like this:

Could you check if those setting are filled in for the store you’re working on?

Hey @georgebrindeiro , it seems like this in my STore setting,

But hereby ,a s per my understanding we can fill default value only, But ideally it should be dynamic as per the searching keywords. In that case , how we will do that ?

The dynamic part is the “crow” portion of the title. If you fill in you store settings, you should be able to replace the “undefined” part of it.

The format of the title for all pages comes from the app that is listed as a dependency in your manifest.json. This is the code that returns it:

Hey @georgebrindeiro , really appreciated your answer, but my concern is - we have to make the Page title as dynamic - it should not be “Undefined” (as it is currently showing).

As such you suggested in the STore setting we have to fill the details like that,

But I believe this is the static text which will appear for every Page_Title , Correct me if I understand wrong. :frowning:

What you write there will replace undefined. The dynamic part appears before – note that your search for crow yields the title crow - undefined.

We follow this standard of making the title based on the search term and store name for SEO purposes, as seen here:

Thanks @georgebrindeiro , it solved my issue.
Thanks for the helping hand. :slight_smile:

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