Payment Methods

I’m integrating a new payment provider, I was reading about the payment methods. And I just see information about credit and debit, cash, etc. But what about if I’m a business that have integrate some payment methods from my country (GT) and I want to use it here? For example VisaNet and Cybersource, can I use it as a payment method?


Hello Raul!

I think there might be some confusion about two associated term: Payment Conditions/Methods and Payment Gateways. Credit/Debit cards, cash, etc, those are all payment methods that can be configured in your store, which need a pre-existing payment gateway to work. The gateway is the integration between VTEX and an external payment provider, with each one having different characteristics depending on their development.

For example, you mentioned Cybersource and that is a provider with an integration developed, for which we have a full deocumentation that can be found here.