Pulling in extra data in email templates


Is there any way to pull extra data to show in the emails other than the default data(json). For example, I am working ‘New Subscription’ email template. The default data has only shipping address field. Whereas i want to display ‘Billing Address’ as well. How can i get the extra field when email is fired ?


I’m also interested in this information.

Hi Bhuvana,

I’m not an expert on this subject, but two things you should bare in mind:

  1. Templates use JSON variables that retrieve information from the dataLayer. More information here: Transactional Emails | Including order variables in email template (vtex.com)

  2. You might need to create functions using Handlebars: How to set up functions in the Message Center templates | VTEX Help Center

Additional link: GitHub - vtex/vtex-emails: Email framework for developing transactional email templates for VTEX E-commerces

Hope it helps!