Recomended way to configure VTEX SPEED with react. Is there a tutorial?

I always had VTEX Speed with grunt already working. I cant find any good documentation or tutorial how to configure it. I would apreciate some help. I cant start the project

VTEX Speed is no longer maintained.

There’s some alternatives to reproduce the original like this with webpack but I never tested so I can’t confirm that works.

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Hello Hernan, how are you? I hope you are doing fine :slight_smile:

This is a reverse proxy, which means it will intercept the calls that are going to the server and fetch the file from your machine, so you can work with the files on your machine, without having to paste the JS and CSS content at all times in the VTEX CMS graphical interface. There is no SSH access to VTEX servers, every HTML, CSS or JS update is done directly through the graphical interface.

In this website, you can find information on how to set VTEX Speed: GitHub - vtex/speed: VTEX Store development tools - reverse proxy, compilation, minification, optimization and more!.

Also, I attached a tutorial on how to install it- it is in portuguese. VTEX Speed_Portugues.pdf (451.6 KB)

If you want to improve the performance of the store you can use this: Optimizing performance, but it only works for stores that uses the storeframework

As you mentioned it is already working, there are some questions here, in the Community about the topic if you want to dive deep about it:

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