Remove /p from the product page and /c from the category page

Hi, my question is if it is somehow possible for product pages on my site to not have the /p and if I can remove the /c from category pages.
Thank you very much in advance.

Hi @MarioBeltran,

Perhaps you can achieve this using VTEX’s URL mapping tool.

URL mapping is used to redirect specific URLs to other URLs.

For stores using [Legacy CMS Portal] (…

For IO stores, the configuration is made in Pages. Please refer to Managing URL redirects for more information.

Hi @andremiani ,
This would not be very positive SEO-wise, is there any other possible solution?

@MarioBeltran What makes you believe it will be bad for optimization?

See what the documentation says:

All mapping activities recorded will be executed according to 301 redirects. The 301 redirect, also known as “permanent redirect,” transfers all key data from the original URL (Page Rank, Link Popularity, etc.) to the new URL.

But trust me, the VTEX URL pattern won’t hurt your store’s optimization.

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