Render error in workspace homepage

Hi! We have an error when we are developing in our workspace. Its ocurrs only in the homepage from the development workspaces.

Any help? Thank you!

Hi @sebastian.vitiello! Could you tell us a bit more about what is running in your store? What is the account and workspace? Could you share the manifest.json file of your store theme?

Hi @georgebrindeiro, we were checking and the error appears on every page where the store form block is used. I share the manifest.json:

  "vendor": "multicenterqa",
  "name": "fizzmod-template",
  "version": "0.7.2",
  "builders": {
    "assets": "0.x",
    "styles": "2.x",
    "store": "0.x",
    "docs": "0.x"
  "scripts": {
    "prereleasy": "npm run build-release",
    "postreleasy": "vtex publish --verbose"
  "dependencies": {
    "multicenterqa.categories-menu": "1.x",
    "multicenterqa.department-page-custom": "1.x",
    "multicenterqa.cross-selling-custom": "1.x",
    "multicenterqa.custom-countdown-event": "1.x",
    "multicenterqa.vtexio-global": "0.x",
    "vtex.minicart": "2.x",
    "vtex.product-list": "0.x",
    "": "2.x",
    "": "2.x",
    "vtex.product-summary": "2.x",
    "": "2.x",
    "": "3.x",
    "": "0.x",
    "vtex.styleguide": "9.x",
    "vtex.slider": "0.x",
    "vtex.carousel": "2.x",
    "vtex.shelf": "1.x",
    "": "2.x",
    "vtex.product-details": "1.x",
    "vtex.product-kit": "1.x",
    "": "3.x",
    "vtex.login": "2.x",
    "": "1.x",
    "": "1.x",
    "vtex.flex-layout": "0.x",
    "": "0.x",
    "": "0.x",
    "vtex.locale-switcher": "0.x",
    "vtex.product-quantity": "1.x",
    "vtex.product-identifier": "0.x",
    "vtex.product-specification-badges": "0.x",
    "vtex.product-review-interfaces": "1.x",
    "vtex.telemarketing": "2.x",
    "vtex.order-placed": "2.x",
    "vtex.stack-layout": "0.x",
    "": "0.x",
    "vtex.responsive-layout": "0.x",
    "vtex.slider-layout": "0.x",
    "vtex.iframe": "0.x",
    "vtex.breadcrumb": "1.x",
    "vtex.sticky-layout": "0.x",
    "vtex.add-to-cart-button": "0.x",
    "vtex.condition-layout": "2.x",
    "": "0.x",
    "vtex.modal-layout": "0.x",
    "vtex.product-price": "1.x",
    "": "0.x",
    "": "0.x",
    "": "1.x",
    "": "0.x",
    "": "0.x",
    "vtex.checkout-summary": "0.x",
    "": "2.x",
    "vtex.product-specifications": "1.x",
    "vtex.disclosure-layout": "1.x",
    "vtex.product-highlights": "2.x",
    "vtex.list-context": "0.x",
    "vtex.profile-form": "3.x",
    "vtex.address-form": "4.x",
    "": "3.x",
    "multicenterqa.custom-messages-slider": "0.x"
  "peerDependencies": {
    "vtex.wish-list": "1.x",
    "": "0.x"
  "$schema": ""

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Hi there!

I would double check the names of the fields in the form vs in the Master Data. Maybe remove all the children from the form block to see if it works in the default mode.
Also check the entity and the schema props in the form.

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@Saito I have removed the blocks where forms are rendered and the error still appears… help!!
CC: @georgebrindeiro

Hello Sebastian,

So, the problem is not related to the form block, right?

You probably have to open a ticket with the VTEX team because we would have to check the apps installed in the account.