Render input field on pdp using product-customizer

Hello, I’m new in vtex, so I have a question maybe someone could help me.

I need to render input field on pdp where user can enter name which will be printed on product. I decided to use product customizer.

I installed Assembly Options App.
In admin I created Assembly options
Then I went to Custom Product Attributes found my attachemnt which was created from Assembly Options and change it (Added Key name and Maximum number of characters. Permitted values - leaved empty)

Next step I added my attachment to SKU’s.
After that, in product.jsonc I added my code:

"product-assembly-options": {
       "initiallyOpened": "always"
    "children": [
    "assembly-option-item-customize": {
      "props": {
        "buttonProps": "right"

And call “product-assembly-options” in “store.product” like dev doc said.

  "store.product": {
    "children": [

But on frontend I didn’t get my input field. Could someone help me to understand what I did wrong? Thanks.

Hello @Serhii,

Is there a public link you could share of a PDP with the product customizer, so I could take a look at it directly?

If not, could you confirm if this text option is showing up in the Assembly Options section of the admin? Is this issue happening with all attachments or only this one?

Eduardo Luciano
Field Software Engineer | VTEX

@eduardo.luciano, I added video on my google disk. Watch it plase and if you’ll have any question, please, let me know

Hello @Serhii

Sorry for the delay on this. I took a look at your video and I’m checking internally on some of our test environments to see why it isn’t working.

Hello, @eduardo.luciano, thank you. I’m waiting on results of your test.

Hello @Serhii

When checking in other environments, all cases I found of custom texts had the option associated either with an SKU or with a set value in the Service Values section.

Have you done that on your end? Both of these are in separate tabs within the Custom Product Attributes section of the admin.

Hello @eduardo.luciano , I added it only “Services and SKUs”. “Services values” doesn’t have any configs:

Hi @Serhii

Could you try adding information about the text customization in this section?

I believe what might be happening is that, for a customization to appear in the PDP, it needs to have a price associated with it. The price can even be 0, but it needs ta value for it to be a valid field.

Hello @eduardo.luciano

Sorry for the dleay with answer. I added Service Values, but that didn’t help.
I add video from my screen with admin configs, and files product.jsonc, assambly-options.jsonc.
Mabe the estimation of these files can help.

Link to my google disk folder: vtex - Google Drive

Hi @Serhii

I will take a look at this last info, but I believe at this point it might be better to open a ticket directly with the VTEX Support Team. They will have full visibility of your store and theme and can discuss and share information that is more specific to your store.