Routes.json not found

Hi there,

I’ll try to describe it shortly, it worked before, I just downloaded again (GitHub - vtex-apps/store-theme: VTEX Store Theme) and run the command: vtex link and it gave me the following error:

Error fetching source data for route map: Error fetching app interfaces: Failed to get root routes.json: (404 file_not_found at File routes.json doesn’t exist in app productleadpartnerro.productlead@0.x

I’m developing an app called productlead, tried to uninstall it but it says not found on any versions…

How can I fix this error and connect this store template again.

Thanks in advance!

I solved it by myself.

  1. Unlinked all current apps vtex unlink --all
  2. Went to admin, then to the list of installed apps and uninstalled the app.
  3. Logout and login in vtex cli.


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