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Hello everybody.

I have a custom component that shows one more element in the cart. I put it inside the minicart.v2 block. It works, but when I open the editor site to modify some of its value, it becomes inaccessible.

I tested putting the component in the header of my page, and in this case the editor site worked perfectly.

Is there any way I can force my element to be editable inside the minicart?

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Hey @1marlonpassos, welcome to VTEX Community! Unfortunately this is a known issue in Site Editor: Some components not rendering on Site Editor.

This behavior occurs intermittently, sometimes components are not rendered. This issue is known to occur with the minicart component. When you try editing a minicart in Site Editor, sometimes it won’t be rendered. There is no known workaround available for now, or expected date for this bug to be fixed.

Depending on what you need, what you might be able to do is overwrite the messages used in the Minicart app or fork the whole repo and publish your own version of the Minicart with the changes you need directly in the code.

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