Source code for is not available

Hi VTEX community, we are planning to customize the My Orders page for the customer using the my account app. however, we found that this app in turn depends on and , where the source code is not available on github.

Can you please share the git repo link for these dependent apps as well? as per our needs, we need to customize the my-order-app to add additional information and link



Hi @rpasula ,
For order details, you can refer “order-details” app. Following is the link GitHub - vtex-apps/order-details .

@Murti02 - Looks like this source code is related to Checkout flow and doesn’t have any information related to my-orders-app or my-cards app

Okay, so in that case you can try graphql apis to get the information about “order” and “payment”. Please refer these links-

GraphQL: Using GraphiQL .

@Murti02 - appreciate the response. however, I’m looking for the source code of my-orders-app or my-cards-app to customize the My Account > Order History > Order Cards components on the storefront. I’m familiar with all the backend APIs.

Hi @rpasula, did you find how to do it? I’m trying to do the same thing

@kuamatzin - we couldn’t get access to the source code. and, we went with an alternate approach.

Yes, unfortunately the source code for is not currently available to the general public. If you need to customize it, you should open a ticket to VTEX support and the team might be able to approve sharing it on a case-by-case basis.

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