Store Framework Design System

I’m wondering If there is a Design System or UX/UI Kit related to the new Store Framework… It would be so helpful for all the community to access this knowledge, contribute with new components and establish some design guidelines as a starting point for creating new e-Commerces based on those design framework files.

As some examples…

Could be in Figma, Adobe XD…

What do you think?

PS: We need a “design” tag :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Excellent idea!
This gonna save a lot of work from us!

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I would like too, but I think that each agency have their own design system, and the repository with properties

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For sure! But the point in here is not to build from scratch, I mean design from standard to your own design system :slight_smile:


Do you mean something like Or did you want something on Figma like this?

Something like this @georgebrindeiro but related to the store front, with general components based on VTEX Store Framework. The one you shared works for VTEX admin spaces & backoffice systems. Thanks!!

Hey, everyone! We still don’t have a design system for storefronts, but we’ve just released this Figma file with components and mockups related to one of our Store Framework example themes. It would be really nice to hear what you think of this asset :wink:

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