Store theme linked but no changes occur

I have created a store theme and it was working correctly up until the moment it wasn’t.

It doesn’t matter how many times I successfully link and unlink the store theme I have created, my workspace does not adjust to the changes.

Please help!

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Hi @victorshp, welcome to VTEX Community

Go to your terminal and before linking your app using the following command:

vtex workspace reset

After that, unlink any theme or apps you have linked, to avoid conflicts:

vtex unlink --all

Then finally:

vtex link --clean

Hey Andre,

Thank you for the quick reply. Unfortunately those instructions didn’t yield results.

I have two workspaces that have identical installed and linked apps, except for the edition apps. The problem is that they don’t show the same store-theme.

Hey @victorshp , I also encounter such issue so many times when I was new in the VTEX and that is just due to your STore-theme version which you have already installed in your workspace.

It means, the version should be same in whichever you are trying to make the changes in STore theme in comparison to the installed Theme.

Hope this works for you

Thank you for the reply @mohitkumar .

Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. I have opened a ticket with VTEX support.

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