Test e2e with cypress and vtex io is verry slow

Hello everybody.

I’m starting to create e2e tests in the store I’m messing with, and for that I was using cypress.

I tried to install the version of cypress that VTEX provides, but it was not possible to run, with errors and it is without maintenance for 2 years and 6 versions ago.

In that I created a normal setup of cypress tests in the last version.
Installed 100%, I managed to do this by making loggins injecting tokens through the cookies. However, a problem is happening.

Every test that cypress does, it clears all cached data so that one test doesn’t interfere with another. But this makes the tests very slow! at the point that it takes another 5 minutes to do 1 test (I had to increase the maximum time limit of cypress to not give a timeout). And the page broke out of nowhere.
Even on the simplest page such as institutional with a form, the slowness is great.

In my case I have a great internet and a great pc, so I know that this is not a problem, but the initial loading of VTEX.
Whenever I go to a store for the first time, there is this slowness in the development environment.

The point is:

  • Is there any configuration I can do in cypress so that it doesn’t erase the saved data.
  • Is there any configuration we can do in our workspace to facilitate this
  • Does VTEX provide any practical example to configure the e2e tests on VTEX io?