Text SMS not getting while Login Authorization / Creation of new workspace

I tried to login at my account, unfortunately after entering the Email and Password, it is sending the Text SMS to my mobile number, I receive text SMS very rarely (in 98% cases didn`t get the TEXT SMS) for the authorization. Even I tried to resend it several times , but not getting the text SMS. I believe there is some issue with the VTEX server which fails by sending the text SMS.
I request please look into this at priority basis. Because me and my team are struggling and stuck in the corresponding work.

I`m also enclosing the screenshot for the same.


@mohitkumar would you remember how did you solve it? I have a team member with a similar issue. Thanks

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Hello @eduardo , actually there are two ways by which you can authenticate:-

  1. Google authicator app.
  2. Text SMS on mobile.

So you can setup and use way-1 , it really solves your problem too. Google authenticator is pretty fast to get authenticated.

Even though, you can also setup the OTP in the email too, that also works faster


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