Trigger not working in the case of Abundant Card

I am following this to integrate the ABundant Card Behaviour Abundment , but in my case neither the URL is making correct nor I`m able to send an static email with body with this behavior , So anyone please help me in this. Also attaching the SS for reference.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @mohitkumar , let me try to help you here :slight_smile:
I visited your trigger configuration, and some of the rules (in the Rules tab) are different than the documentation you sent, for example, the newsletter is missing the rule, the Checkout needs to be different than Finalizado, and you added another rule related to the visited product, that is not really necessary, but if you want to use, you need to complete the rule.
Another reason that your trigger didn’t work, is because your environment is not in production :confused:
To trigger the Cart Abandonment we have to update some fields in master data that is only updated through APIs or with a production environment

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Hey @FerSesnick , Got it, I forgot to read the “Prerequisites” :frowning: , My Bad.

and yes I tried to make changes in the Rules , to ultimately test it.!

Well thanks for your help, really appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hey @FerSesnick , Just a quick question around this like the environment must be Production, but while any such kind of OMS Operations we do get the email in the Development Env , in that way Master Data Entity also get inserted with other fields .
So same way in the Abundant Card Behaviour, Entity is also getting created/updated , then hereby it should also send an email.
WHat do you think around this ? :slight_smile:

Hey @mohitkumar
The trigger doesn’t work because we have rc fields that don’t update when is not in production, like rclastcart, rclastcartvalue, and rclastsession … but, in theory, if you force these fields with APIs, it should go through the trigger check and work.

Hey @FerSesnick , in that case, RC Fields also get updated while operation in OMS while in Development, Am I right ? and it also trigger Emails for the same

we get the email in the OMS, that`s my question is…!

It is confusing me

And now in that case , Email is not getting triggered for Checkout Rules.

And Can you please have a look at my RC.js like if it is configured properly - Site

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