Trouble configuring FeedV3

I’m trying to configure feed according to this documentation: Get feed configuration

These are the code and error when I try to set the config

{“errors”:{“Queue”:[“The Queue field is required.”]},“type”:“RFC 7231 - Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP/1.1): Semantics and Content or more validation errors occurred.”,“status”:400,“traceId”:"|9905ca4b-4f37be2a62b37afe."}

How do I get my feed to work properly?

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The queue field is missing in the request. :smiley:

Feed v3 (

From the doc.

    "filter": {
        "type": "FromWorkflow",
        "status": [
    "queue": {
        "visibilityTimeoutInSeconds": 240,
        "messageRetentionPeriodInSeconds": 345600
    "quantity": 1261,
    "aproximateAgeOfOldestMessageInSeconds": 1113.349305555555

Hey! That fixed it. I missed it on the docs so bad! haha

Much much thanks Saito!


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