Visibility of newly created documents/entities in Master Data

I’m creating a backend service which is performing CRUD actions to operate with data entities in master data. The service is working correctly on creating elements but the problem is when i want to retrieve my data of any schema. Newly created documents are not showing when doing a GetAll action (e.g. ), furthermore the same search but using the v2 syntax isnt getting anything, tough the response is a 200 code (ht tp:// Now if i search the element filtering by the id of the element the response returns the object (h ttps://

Same behavior is happening when manually creating and searching new elements from vtex’s MasterData forntend page, They are not visible on the “search all” but the system is able to retrieve them when filtering.

I’ve seen the same problem in another topic but it hasn’t been solved (ht tps://

I’ve found the problem, and it seems to be the same with vtex’s masterdata’s admin page and it has to do with pagination fo the response. In case anyone is wondering as of the time of this message in the front end when you click the “next” button to navigate your schema results it goes from page 1 to 11, but if you click de “2” nd page button it works as espected.

For the API it’s needed to send the parameter REST-Range in the header of the request otherwise the default range would be 0-14 results. The problem isn’t the beheavior but the missing information about pagination in the API’s response.

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