[vtex install] Where can I find appVendor/appName/appVersion?

To install this command, vtex install {appVendor}.{appName} or vtex install {appVendor}.{appName}@{appVersion}. Where can I find this information?

  • appVendor
  • appName
  • appVersion

That is usually provided by the person who developed the app. You can find it in the app Manifest under the vendor, name and version variables. By the way, if you omit the appVersion, our CLI will know to fetch the latest version of the app.

You can check out the VTEX IO CLI command reference for more details about vtex install.

So my question to you is: what app are you trying to install?

My app is entirely built in cms of vtex platform, with nothing of vtex-io in it. Still exist an app vendor, name, and version? Iā€™m trying to migrate my app to a store framework from only CMS to a vtex-io . I can do it without developing from 0?

I believe you would need to adapt your code to the VTEX IO app logic and release your app. Directly porting something built for our Legacy CMS is not possible.

I highly recommend going through the VTEX IO courses available in our Learning Center for you to get the big picture:

If you want to just go straight to development, you can checkout our Getting Started docs for VTEX IO.

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