VTEX Speedy ready for production?

Recently i’ve found the VTEX SPEEDY app on github, it covers a really important issue with VTEX IO performance but i want to know if this is ready for production environments

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Hello @angel, welcome to the VTEX community.

In particular, I didn’t know the VTEX Speedy app, I only knew the Party-town app as recommended by VTEX itself.

VTEX Speedy app looks very promising, but I would create a ticket for VTEX or open an issue in the Github repository asking this question.

Hey there, it’s answered on the Github issue.
FYI, Partytown does not work with VTEX IO due to some issues that I fixed on the Speedy’s partytown lib built-in.
By the way, I have fixed them and open a PR to partytown lib.

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