Webhook Response - Order Event Payment Approved

Hi everyone!

I am looking if someone can share me the json response when an order change the status to payment approved via webhook. I don’t have a Vtex store to check it out. Or someone who has a store and could help me. Will be very glad!


Hello, @dalvarez88, welcome to our community!

When an order changes status to payment-approved, a configured orders hook should notify your endpoint with something like this:

   "Domain": "Marketplace",
   "OrderId": "v40484048naf-01",
   "State": "payment-approved",
   "LastChange": "2019-07-29T23:17:30.0617185Z",
   "Origin": {
       "Account": "accountABC",
       "Key": "vtexappkey-keyEDF"

Then your store’s endpoint should respond with status 200.

Check this Feed and hook guide to learn more.