What steps should I do after github merge into master?

Hello there,

The app I’m working on has been merged into master and approved in github. What should I run next in order to make it publicly available?

ps. last command I used VTEX submit


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Hello Sirev, how are you?

Good to know, it’s always good to have new apps around here :slight_smile:

We have some documentations about making your app public, there are some steps and configurations that are necessary.

If you have already applied the vtex submit command, there should be a github repo for the app and all you must do is to wait for the app homologation by our team.

We have a doc about this process, I’ll sent it below:

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Thanks Gabriel, I’ve reviewed “Submitting the app” docs and we’ve passed three main criteria: business, design and code. As I’ve mentioned the app is already merged into master. I’ve checked VTEX App Store and there wasn’t the app in the list, what can we do besides waiting, how can we know the status of what’s coming next?

Hello Sirev,

I really think there is no more actions besides waiting for the team review now, if there is something wrong the team might comment something on the app repository.

I don’t know how much time it will take until it is fully reviewed, but I believe it will not take that long :slight_smile:


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