New Sellers Portal Demo


Here you can view our demo of the new sellers portal:


Thanks, @ianmaclean1 ! I was looking forward to this new launch.

Quick question regarding the ‘no bulk upload on the seller side’: is it possible to do it via API’s? The sellers could have AppKey and Tokens, for example?

@ianmaclean1 I’ve found the answer here, thanks

Hi Eduardo!
Would you please help me to solve this issues, maybe you know the replies

  • How I can set up seller portal?
  • Where we can download the app?
  • I understand this feature is part of the VTEX platform, so it could be included in the current subscription I have (no additional cost). Please confirm it?
    I hope your prompt reply.

Thanks a lot!

Hello @TCX ! Unfortunatelly I’m not sure to answer these questions. I believe there is a commercial step to enable the seller portal. I will try to get these answers as well, as I’m interested on it, but I believe that the fastest way would be for you to open a ticket with VTEX.

Thanks Eduardo!

Check this post :wink:

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