"Render Server - Error"

Hey guys, can anyone help me?
I was having trouble reflecting the code changes in the workspace and support asked me to run a mutation to change the theme following the doc below, but after that I only get “Render Server - Error” for any workspace I run on this account.

doc: Migrating CMS settings after a theme major update

mutation {
  updateThemeIds(from: "vtex.store@2.x", to: "mercatopiselli.mercato@0.x")

That mutation looks weird. The documentation refers explicitly to migrating CMS settings after a theme major update, so the {appVendor} and {appName} should be the same… Which is not the case in the mutation you just shared.

Could you share more context on what you were trying to do?

I cloned the store-theme theme, however the changed content in the home was not reflected in the workspace. So they said that the theme pointed out in my store was the VTEX.store and I needed to point to the theme I was editing to reflect it. So now i’m with this server error.

Is resetting the workspace an option for you? Did you have any content in the dev workspace that you need to keep?

actually, dev workspace is new, i just created to start from zero :frowning:

So I think the Internal Server Error was caused by the mutation proposed being incorrect.

But, in general, I see folks having trouble to see the changes in the development workspace reflect when the are running vtex link because they have more than one theme running in their account…

Sometimes there’s a theme already installed and another one is linked, for instance. If your theme isn’t selected to render the pages you are looking at, changes won’t be reflected as you make them, because our Render Server will be making updates looking at another store theme.

See this answer for more details