Within a single order, can a shopper choose different shipping methods?

If a shopper has multiple items in their cart/order, can they choose expedited shipping for 2 of them and have the rest be delivered via regular shipping? The expedited shipping and regular shipping would have different costs associated with them, and they would be fulfilled/shipped at different times from the warehouse resulting in separate payment captures for the items shipping at the time.

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@guilharj is this a similar scenario to what you described recently?

Hi Eduardo, I saw that separate topic, but it’s focused on the fulfillment of the order with partial fulfillments over time. My scenario/question is whether the shopper can select as part of checkout to have part of the order shipped via one shipping method (e.g. expedited) and other items shipped via another shipping method (e.g. standard). That would require the overall shipping costs to be calculated using two different shipping methods (carriers/service) instead of just one for the entire order. Does VTEX support an order with different shipping carriers/methods for different items in the order?